When it comes to changing your tyres, which you will have to do every so often, you may be overwhelmed by the differences in price and quality.

Trying to choose the right tyres for your car can be a bit daunting. You should be able to get advice from a technician when you shop for tyres but it always helps to go in with some level of knowledge of what you want.

Broadly split, you have the choice between budget, mid-range and premium tyres.


Is it worth paying for more expensive tyres?

As the names suggest, these are divided according to their quality and cost. They will suit different drivers and different levels of car usage.

Here is a breakdown of the pros and cons of each type of tyre and who they would suit.

What tyres do you have now?

The first question to ask yourself when selecting the right set of tyres for you is this: What kind of tyres are you using now and do they work?

If you have stuck to a particular brand and type of tyres and found that they lasted as long as you needed them to and performed as well as you had hoped, then you may benefit from sticking to what you know and just buying tyres to match these.

However, if you find that the tyres that you are due to change have not worked well for you then this guide could be useful.


Premium tyres

As you might expect, these tyres carry the most hefty price tag but what you get back for that price is a set of tyres that can endure the most harsh conditions and the most demanding driving.


Who makes premium tyres?

You can buy premium tyres from such brands as Pirelli, Bridgestone and Continental.


What are the benefits of more expensive tyres?

To get the high quality that is expected of premium tyres, they undergo particularly rigorous testing. A lot of research also goes into creating the best compounds to make the tyres with, as well as designing the best tread.

These factors ensure that premium tyres can perform well in both wet and dry conditions and also the most demanding driving styles, such as rally driving for example.


Should I buy the most expensive tyres?

If you do a lot of long-distance driving, you enjoy track driving or you like to drive off road a lot then these more expensive tyres might be the best option for you.


Mid-range tyres

Mid-range tyres are a happy medium between budget and premium tyres.


What are the benefits of mid-range tyres?

They are more durable than budget tyres but they can't withstand as much and don't perform as well as premium tyres. On the other hand, they are cheaper than premium tyres.


Should I buy mid-range tyres?

They can be a good option if you drive fairly frequently but don't put too much demand on your vehicle.

Over time, whether you opt for budget, mid-range or premium, your tyres will be subject to wear and tear anyway. Therefore, if you aren't going to use your premium tyres to a particularly high extent then it is likely worthwhile you saving your money and spending on a set of mid-range tyres.

As long as they can ensure the right level of performance for you and they are reliable enough for the extent that you will use them, then mid-range tyres might be the best choice.


Budget tyres

Should I buy budget tyres?

If you need to change your tyres quickly, perhaps because the tread has worn down or you have suffered a puncture, but you are strapped for cash then budget tyres are good to tide you over.

They can also be a smart choice if you only drive when you really feel you need to or you have a second car that does not get driven very much.


Will buying budget tyres save me money?

For everyday use it can be a bit of a false economy to turn to budget tyres.

They are the least durable out of all your tyre options and will wear out faster than mid-range or premium tyres. Therefore, where you may initially think you are saving money by buying budget tyres, if they wear out quickly then you'll have to shell out for another set and this will end up costing you more in the long run.