It's a common question on the car forums: how much to respray a car? But, as with many questions in life, the first response is - "it depends".

However, there's no denying it's a big job: refreshing your car’s paintwork or changing your vehicles' colour takes time and skill - and a substantial sum of money.


Ballpark Figure – Roughly how much to paint a car in the UK?

A car repaint job can cost anything from £1,000 to £10,000, depending on a variety of factors, including: complexity, vehicle size, whether it's vintage. And as with many services, the more you pay, the better the results will be - (but that doesn't mean you should accept a sky-high quote at the drop of a paint brush!).


What makes car repaint jobs so expensive?

Some repaint car services say they go through dozens of steps to achieve the perfect car paint job. While this is true, most of the car repaint processes fall into the following broader categories:

  • Selecting the right colour
  • Stripping the old paint
  • Carrying out etch priming and priming
  • Sanding with fine grade sandpaper
  • Masking windows, trims, alloys etc.
  • Adding top coat and lacquer
  • Rubbing
  • Buffing
  • Polishing

Each of these steps takes a long time and this all adds to the total car painting cost. The masking stage in particular is very time consuming - and requires high levels of skill and experience. Time is money, as they say - and this is especially true of a car repaint.

You might also consider paint protection film (PPF) for your car.


Pay a professional? Or DIY?

If you're on a budget, it may be tempting to carry out the car paint job yourself. However, unless you have the skills, experience, equipment, and knowledge of health and safety, you would be better off enlisting a professional car re-painter.

Car paint particles can be extremely hazardous when airborne, and a trained car resprayer understands how to apply it safely. They will also have a suitable place to do the work - not to mention the right equipment.

Additionally, a professional will most likely be able to do the job faster and to a higher level. You can read in our blog about other car repairs you shouldn't tackle yourself.


Tips for choosing a good car repaint professional

  1. If a quote is exceptionally low, beware - the quality of the car’s paint job may also be incredibly low
  2. Get several quotes. This gives you an idea of an average car respray cost.
  3. Get personal recommendations when considering a particular repaint professional
  4. Visit the workshop in person to ensure they are as professional they say they are!