AutoGlym's LifeShine is one of the best-known vehicle body protection products on the market.

It claims to lock-in the shine and colour of the paintwork, while protecting it from rain, mud, and other contaminants.

UK-made LifeShine uses a trademarked "Carbon Shield Technology", and is exported around the world.

But is AutoGlym's paint protection worth it?

Here we look at how effective it is, and how its competitors match up.

IS Autoglym Lifeshine Worth It?

What exactly is the LifeShine protection system?

While the key component of LifeShine is its ability to protect a vehicle's paintwork, the system also includes protection for the upholstery and glass.

When applied correctly, it should result in a vehicle that looks shinier - and that is easier to clean and keep clean.


Cranford University product test

The UK's Cranfield University pitted AutoGlym LifeShine Bodywork Gloss Shield and AutoGlym LifeShine Bodywork Carbon Shield against four main competitors: DiamondBrite, Supagard, Gardx and Gen-3 Glass Coat.

Dr Jeff Rao and Peter Roberts of the university compared the products under full test conditions.

The six tested products were purchased from a third party.


Which brand performed best in the product test?

Six sections of a car were then marked out with tape, and a different product applied to each.

Detergent equalling 25 washes was then used on the test area.

DiamondBrite and Supagard failed the first test.

GardX started to fail on the second wash, and disappeared after the third wash.

10 more washes were then applied, equivalent to 250 regular washes. At this point, Gen-3 Glasscoat started to fail.

A further 10 washes (250 regular wages) saw AutoGlym's LifeShine Bodywork Gloss Shield begin to fail.

AutoGlym's newer AutoGlym LifeShine Bodywork Carbon Shield was the clear winner, still working after the equivalent of more than 500 washes.


How long does AutoGlym LifeShine last?

AutoGlym offers a lifetime guarantee with its LifeShine product, "subject to reasonable ongoing care".

Assuming the sealant does last for the vehicle's lifetime, it could prove to be a good investment.


How much does AutoGlym LifeShine cost?

LifeShine applications can cost between £250 and £400, depending on what deal is being offered.


How do you apply AutoGlym LifeShine?

Many dealerships offer AutoGlym LifeShine application services. 

How well the product is applied is crucial to how effective it is at protecting against rainwater, dirt and other contaminants.

The protection you get from LifeShield will depend partly on how well trained the person applying the sealant is. 

A local detailing company may be able to offer a more professional service.

The car should be washed and left to dry before LifeShine is applied.


Can I apply AutoGlym LifeShine myself?

AutoGlym's LifeShine is sold as a service by dealerships and valeting services. For this reason it is labelled "PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY".

However, it may be possible to find the product online.

Alternative AutoGlym products are available online, along with many other competitors products.


AutoGlym LifeShine problems

Many AutoGlym Lifetime Shine reviews suggest vehicle owners are generally happy with the product. However, not everyone feels it is a good option.

Much of this scepticism is down to concerns over how well a dealership will apply the sealant.

Some worry that contaminants and particles from the factory will be locked in if a sealant such as LifeShine is poorly applied.

Others complain that swirls are visible after application - which is often put down to incorrect application.

However, if LifeShine is applied properly, it should last a very long time.


Overall, AutoGlym's products are extremely popular, as demonstrated by the 4.7/5 score on TrustPilot.


Can I remove AutoGlym LifeShine?

Your dealership or AutoGlym itself will be able to advise on the best way to remove LifeShine.

However, some car owners have set about removing LifeShine by themselves, using detergents that are strong enough to remove the sealant, but gentle enough to prevent paintwork damage. Clay bars may also be used to gently remove the sealant.


In conclusion

According to the independent test by Cranfield University, AutoGlym LifeShine is an effective way to protect your car’s paintwork, and out-performs key competitors. However, it must be applied properly.

And with prices as high as £400, some believe it to be an expensive option.