Has your car alarm started going off for no apparent reason? It's important to solve the issue not only because it’s a nuisance to yourself and your neighbours, but because a faulty alarm could invalidate your car insurance. It could even result in a ‘statutory nuisance’ notice from your local council.


Dead battery in key fob


One of the most common causes for an alarm going off is a dead key fob battery. Without any charge in its battery, the key fob cannot deactivate the alarm system - which can mean it is set off. If the battery is working, your key fob may need to be scanned or reset with a code reader.



Latch sensor is obscured


Today's cars feature a latch sensor which triggers the alarm if someone tries to open the bonnet forcibly. This sensor may stop working if it's covered in dirt or grime - which may sometimes make the alarm go off. Try cleaning the sensor. Failing this, the connection to the control unit may be too weak.



Car battery low


Your alarm system needs a certain amount of voltage from the battery to continue working. If the voltage is too low, the alarm could go off. If your car's battery is very old or the terminal connections are corroded, it may be time to install a new one - which may solve your car alarm issues.



Badly installed alarm system


Your alarm may not have been installed correctly. While adding an alarm to your vehicle is great for security and may even lower your insurance premiums, if it is not installed properly it may create more problems than it solves.



Statutory nuisance


In rare cases, a malfunctioning car alarm may be considered a "statutory nuisance" by your local authority - particularly if you live in a built up area. In such cases, you might be issued with a warning notice, or even have your vehicle impounded, with any associated costs passed on to you.


If your factory-issue alarm has started to malfunction, check to see if your warranty covers it. Conversely, after-market alarms may invalidate your warranty.


A malfunctioning alarm could also cause problems if you need to make a claim with your insurer for a break in or vandalism. It’s important to fix the problem as soon as possible.



Whilst you may want your car alarm to stop, one thing you don't want to stop is your vehicle. However, rest assured that Start Rescue have you covered should you suffer a breakdown, with our range of affordable and reliable breakdown cover policies.